ragm_1.jpgShare Your Story

RAGM's mission includes educating Rotarians about microcredit, but also connecting Rotarians to help support each other in the fantastic service that they provide to communities around the world each year. To help build these connections and learning opportunities we would love to share your microcredit story.

Did you hold a conference, work with another club to start a project, or have you worked at the District or Zone level to raise awareness and support for microcredit? If so, we would love to hear more about your work and be able to share it on our blog, so that other RAGM members and Rotarians can learn more about how to get started.

We know that writing a blog may sound more intimidating than it is, so here are a few tips to help you share your story! We look forward to hearing from you! Five Reasons Why Blogging is Like Writing an Email to Your Friend

1) Blogs are short - You just need to tell your story in 3-4 paragraphs and no more than a written page of information.If you have more information you can submit more than one blog :) but you don't need to feel pressure to write a long entry.

2) Blogs are personal - You don't need to share your secrets, but the story can be written from your point of view. You can write in 1st person, share your thoughts and feelings, and if you want you can share interesting sources, just please tell us what they are so we can give credit to the author.

3) Blogs are great with pictures - Do you have permission to share the pictures you took while visiting your project? If so, we can attach up to 3 pictures to your blog to give readers a visual perspective of your work. We can also share videos about your project on our blog so feel free to share those as well.

4) You can reply to blogs - When you post a blog, others can respond using the comment button, so blogs can become a conversation starter amongst new and old friends alike, much like replying to an email.

5) You can write often - Just like your friends like to receive update emails, blogs are a great way to keep others up to date on your project. So submit a blog today about your project, and then feel free to send updates along your journey it creates a great story for people to follow and learn from!