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Rotary recognizes October as The Economic and Community Development Month



Carl W. Treleaven. President (RY 2023-25) 

October marks Rotary's celebration of "Community Economic Development" (CED) as one of its seven areas of focus. How can we best celebrate and leverage this opportunity to share our CED passion with fellow Rotarians?
I propose two things:
  • Explain the Benefits to Your Local Rotary Club: Share why Rotary's focus on CED can be beneficial to your club.
  • Highlight Expertise in CED: Explain how your Rotary Club members can utilize their expertise in CED.
With each Rotary Club rooted in a town or city, the economic health of these communities is vital. Whether your club has prioritized this or not, the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) can assist when you're ready to address the issue. How can RAGCED help? Simply put, many tools and programs successfully applied globally are directly applicable in your hometown. Whatever your local needs are, we can help you find relevant expertise in our worldwide network. Read more

Immediate Past President’s Message – Margaret Thorpe Williamson

Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development – Reviewing Program and Projects 2022-23
Serving as president of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development –RAGCED, I had the opportunity to engage with Rotarians throughout the world and that interaction made me more aware of the importance of information sharing. Last year, RAGCED expanded communication and information sharing, connecting Rotarians undertaking sustainable community economic development projects by utilizing the following strategies:
RAGCED Educational Webinars On August 24, 2022, we launched our first webinar, hosted by the Rotary Club of de Brasilia International, on the topic – Of Building Local Economies. Subsequent webinars were held on the fourth Wednesday at 5 PM GST to provide education and share information, enabling Rotarians the opportunity to establish contacts and network. Panelists were invited to share their expertise in planning, funding, and implementing sustainable economic development projects. The webinar series is on our website for
your review. 
RAGCED Informational Webinars with Districts and Clubs RAGCED Board Members conducted informational and program-specific webinars on economic development topics for Read more
The Global Grant process, spearheaded by Rotary International, is a structured and comprehensive approach that empowers Rotary clubs and districts to fund and implement high-impact, sustainable projects addressing critical community needs. These projects span a wide array of areas, including clean water, healthcare, education, economic development, and more, aligning with Rotary's areas of focus. Here's a detailed overview of the Global Grant process:
  • Identifying Community Needs: Rotary clubs and districts identify pressing local and international community needs. These needs align with Rotary's areas of focus.
  • Project Planning and Design: Collaboration with local communities and potential project partners. Conduct thorough needs assessments. Set clear project objectives and develop a detailed project plan.
  • Global Grant Application: Clubs submit a formal application with a comprehensive project proposal, budget, sustainability plan, and partnership details. The minimum budget for Global Grants is $30,000.
  • Review and Approval: The district evaluates the proposal. Rotary International reviews the Global Grant application. Rotary International provides an 80 percent World Fund match for all District Designated Funds (DDF) contributions. Read more
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