In the project, GG 2015466, Rotary Club Jundiaí Serra do Japy, in collaboration with global partners, spearheads an impactful initiative focused on Economic Development through microcredit. Led by Alexandre Censi, the project aims to uplift Jundiaí's underserved communities by providing low-value loans, technical training, and financial education to small entrepreneurs. The comprehensive approach involves partnerships with local entities, educational institutions, and governmental organizations, creating an ecosystem that fosters sustainable growth. With an initial budget of US$30,135, the project has already made a significant impact, empowering individuals and businesses to thrive within their communities.


Rotary Club Jundiaí Serra do Japy's Microcredit Initiative: Empowering Local Businesses


In the heart of Jundiaí city and its neighbouring communities, Rotary Club Jundiaí Serra do Japy, in collaboration with Banco do Povo - Crédito Solidário, Sebrae, and the Rotary Foundation, is driving a transformative project aimed at boosting the income of small businesses within impoverished areas. Recognizing that access to credit is crucial for economic growth, especially for micro-entrepreneurs facing barriers in the traditional financial system, this initiative focuses on providing microcredit, technical assistance, and financial education to empower businesses for sustainable growth.


The primary goal is to promote economic and sustainable development by offering micro loans to informal entrepreneurs and micro-companies lacking access to traditional financial avenues due to the absence of tangible guarantees. This credit, tailored to production needs and business cycles, utilizes a unique methodology encompassing productive credit, lack of real guarantees, oriented credit, low transaction costs, and strong social impact.

Project Components

1. Crédito Solidário - Banco do Povo Crédito Solidário, an OSCIP with over 25 years of experience, specializes in microcredit loans. Their Credit Agents play a pivotal role, in assessing the needs and conditions of businesses, using innovative guarantee systems that align with the socioeconomic context of small entrepreneurs.

2. Sebrae As a governmental institution supporting micro and small businesses, Sebrae provides essential services such as consulting, training, and online sessions covering topics like cash flow, financial management, and business planning.

3. Rotary Club Jundiaí Serra do Japy Rotarians take charge of project management, selecting credit candidates, conducting on-site visits, and ensuring seamless coordination among project stakeholders. The Rotary Foundation established an initial fund of US$30,000 to US$40,000, facilitating the administration of microcredit by Crédito Solidário.

Microcredit Features

The microcredit loans, ranging from R$300.00 to R$15,000.00, cater to the specific needs and repayment capacities of entrepreneurs. With a focus on commerce, 64% of borrowers being women, and 95% of loans dedicated to working capital, the project ensures inclusivity while fostering economic growth.

Project Phases and Budget

The project unfolds in two phases: an initial loan to 20 to 40 borrowers, followed by a second loan to the same recipients. The budget of US$30,000 to US$40,000 is allocated strategically, to enable borrowers to access regular financial systems by the project's conclusion.

Geographic Location

Operating in Jundiaí, Campo Limpo Paulista, and Várzea Paulista, the project targets over 42,000 small businesses. Recognizing the challenges faced by informal businesses, the initiative strives to bridge the financial gap, ensuring that both formal and informal entrepreneurs have equal opportunities for financial growth.

Rotary Club Jundiaí Serra do Japy, together with its partners, envisions a future where micro-entrepreneurs flourish, contributing not only to their businesses but also to the overall prosperity of their communities.

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