November is the month when Rotarians worldwide come together to celebrate the remarkable people and impactful work of the Rotary Foundation (TRF). President Carl Treleaven, in his insightful message, highlights the significance of supporting TRF and provides five compelling reasons to rally behind this cause.
Compelling Reason #1: Local Impact Amplified
President Treleaven emphasizes that TRF is not confined to distant endeavors but can enhance the effectiveness of local projects undertaken by Rotary and Rotaractor Clubs. By tapping into the vast network of global experts within Rotary, TRF offers access to technical expertise that may not be readily available in local communities. Additionally, TRF provides matching funds through district grants or global grants, effectively doubling or tripling the financial resources available for community projects.
Compelling Reason #2: Exemplary Financial Management
TRF stands out as one of the best-managed charities globally, receiving a 100% rating from Charity Navigator over the past four years. This stellar rating assures donors that their contributions are well-managed, with approximately 93% directly funding programs. President Treleaven underscores that TRF's commitment to financial transparency and efficiency sets it apart in the charitable landscape.
Compelling Reason #3: Empowering Local Decision-Making
The Rotary Foundation's SHARE system allocates 50% of contributions to the local district, allowing Rotarians to play an active role in determining how funds are utilized. This unique approach recognizes the value of local knowledge in making informed decisions about the allocation of resources. It ensures that Rotarians can actively monitor and influence the impact of their contributions at the grassroots level.
Compelling Reason #4: Local Projects as Global Trailblazers
TRF's legacy of impactful projects includes the successful eradication of polio, which originated as a local initiative in the Philippines. President Treleaven underscores that local projects serve as the testing ground for future international endeavors. By supporting TRF, donors contribute to the development and expansion of projects that have the potential to make a global impact.
Compelling Reason #5: Rotary Action Groups as Catalysts for Change
President Treleaven draws attention to Rotary Action Groups, citing RAGCED as an example. These groups consist of Rotarians with expertise in specific areas, such as economic development. RAGCED, as a worldwide network, serves as Rotary's global help desk for economic development projects. These action groups, in collaboration with TRF, provide valuable expertise and connections to external organizations, empowering Rotary and Rotaract Clubs to undertake meaningful projects.
In conclusion, President Carl Treleaven's message underscores the unique and impactful aspects of the Rotary Foundation. By supporting TRF, Rotarians, and Rotaractors contribute to a global movement that aims to improve lives and make a lasting difference in communities around the world. Together with action groups like RAGCED, the Rotary Foundation amplifies the capacity of Rotary and Rotaract Clubs to create positive change on a global scale.