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Serve to Bring Peace!

PRIVP Celia Giay.jpgBy PRIVP Celia Giay
Chair, Rotary Presidential Conference Houston

Peace has always held a unique status in Rotary. As Rotarians, Rotaractors and Rotary Peace Fellows, we approach peace not as an abstract concept, but as a living, dynamic expression of human development. It is both a cornerstone of our mission as a humanitarian service organisation, and it is one of our seven areas of focus – one of the main ways in which our members make their mark on the world.

Last year, my longtime friend and colleague, RI President Shekhar Mehta reached out to me and asked if I would host a preconvention peace conference at the Rotary International Convention in Houston. But this was to be a different kind of peace conference. The Rotary Presidential Conference Houston: Serve to Bring Peace[FM1] will aim to showcase how everything we do in Rotary goes on to create more peaceful and resilient societies. This event will focus on Rotary’s seven areas of focus, and how each of them supports the eight pillars of positive peace.

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Fabio Pic.jpgDear Peacebuilders
Further to the statement from the RAGFP issued on 13th February (We in the Rotary Action Group represent Rotarians of all nations and ethnicities. We all share one language, and that is the language of peace. We do not support violence and war as a solution to conflict and differences.)
I should like to assure you that we in the Rotary Action Group for Peace, through our Past Chair and other Directors, are doing all that we can to support Rotarians and Rotaractors at this time of uncertainty. We have been doing this through attendance at international Rotary and Rotaract meetings, offering advice and support. We too support the initiative of Rotary International and their Task Force in supplying humanitarian aid to Ukraine and neighbouring countries who have been taking in many refugees.
We are reminded at this time of the urgency of our mission i.e. the prevention of conflict. We therefore invite more Rotarians to join us in the Rotary Action Group for Peace so that together we may grow this movement for peace.

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