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Economic & Community Development – HECD - was
Designed, Developed, Funded, and Implemented in Partnership with:

HECD – Honduras Economic & Community Development – was birthed in 2012. It is a multi-faceted, multi-staged vision, founded on the principles of microfinance and sustainable development.

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Goal: for HECD to have 10 Phases and raise $1M for holistic microfinance / community economic development in Honduras.

Achievements thus far:
• 7 Phases have been implemented
• Multiple Rotary Clubs in Honduras & Canada have engaged
• Over $2M USD raised!
• Over 5,000 lives impacted!

Phases 5 & 6 of HECD prioritized SME (small & medium enterprise) loan portfolio and training for the new IDH branch in Puerto Cortes. Phase 5 is in partnership with the Rotary Club of Real de Minas and the Rotary Club of Calgary West. Phase 6 is in partnership with the Rotary Club of Puerto Cortes and the Rotary Club of Tillsonburg. Phase 7 funded the third HECD sustainable water project and is in partnership with the Rotary Club of Danli and the Rotary Club of Calgary West plus the Districts:  4250, 5360, 6330, 7070, 7080

HECD Puerto Cortes Ribbon Cutting.jpgPuerto Cortes Branch Inauguration – Rotary ribbon cutting

Puerto Cortes Branch Update:
The Puerto Cortés branch, which launched with 69 clients in 2019, grew its outreach to 523 active clients by December 31st, 2021. Together, we are currently helping about 2,667 people, including immediate family members, live better lives along their journeys out of poverty.

Rotary’s support has proven critical during one of Honduras toughest periods. Together, Rotary, IDH and OIC are changing lives through this partnership, and we have much for which to be grateful and hopeful. Families are working their way out of poverty through financial inclusion. Businesses are thriving, incomes are growing, and entrepreneurs have the tools they need to succeed. Despite the devasting back-to-back hurricanes in November 2020, and the pandemic-related challenges looming over the Honduras in 2020 and 2021, the Puerto Cortes branch continues to operate sustainably. The branch is currently reaching 523 clients with an outstanding loan portfolio valued at $1.27M USD.

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Puerto Cortes Encounter Days:

Knowledge is power along the journey out of poverty.
In collaboration with the Host Rotary Club of Puerto Cortes, and the International Rotary Club of Tillsonburg (for HECD Phase 6), IDH led two Encounter Days in Puerto Cortes for 166 entrepreneurs, 77% women, on November 9 and 10, 2021 called Challenges for Micro- and Small-Business Owners of the 21st Century to strengthen clients in their skills as business leaders. Encounter Days aim to help clients increase sales, operate more sustainable, competitive businesses, and improve customer service – all within the context of addressing the existing challenges they have expressed throughout this time of uncertainty. IDH client Iris is pictured to the right, holding up her certificate. Rotarians visited Iris’s business in March 2022.


John Gilvesy - Tillsonburg Rotary - jgilvesy@gmail.com

Steve Rickard - Calgary West Rotary - steve@rickard.ca

Jannalee Anderson - Opportunity International Canada - janderson@opportunityinternational.ca

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