Social Business Director
Howard Weinstein
RAGM Director

I have over 25 years of for profit and non-profit experience. I have gone from driving a truck, to marketing a manager at Gillette and General Foods to becoming CEO of a large international plumbing construction business, to co-founding a very successful global NGO selling packaged healthcare goods. I have worked in Canada, USA, South Korea, New Zealand, Botswana, India, China and Brazil where I have finished a contract as a consultant in May 2016. I have raised funds from venture capital firms, Foundations and Development Banks. I have also written the fund raising strategy for may NGO's as well as was the keynote Speaker to UBS Global Family Foundation Congress in St Moritz and spoke to 150 of their wealthiest clients. I also teach leadership, part time, globally as part of Duke University and INSEAD University corporate Executive education program. I have been and am the Keynote speaker at many international congresses. I have recived numerous Technology, Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian awards I have won as well as winning an award at UN last years as Global Social Entrepreneur of the Year by WTN. My work has been written up in National Geographic, Newsweek, Brazil Business Week , Don ( Quebec) and 20 other magazines. Products I have invented but did not patent appeared in Smithsonian, Alexander Graham Bell Museum and others. I have successfully raised over five ( 5) million dollars from national and international foundations and US government agencies as well as helped other NGO's raise over 2 million dollars. The many on the ground projects I help start both in for-profit and NGO field globally. I acquired a working knowledge and understanding of all aspects of a business as well as the deep understanding and appreciation of the goals , dreams and respect of local community groups as well as all employees from a truck driver up to CEO of an organization.

Weinstein, Howard, Social Business Director
RAGM Director
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Montreal quebec Canada