Global Programs Director

Guillaume BOURGOGNE started his career with managerial positions in large distribution groups, he is now CEO of a supermarket and real estate investment firm. Guillaume has been a Rotarian since 2016, having been prviously a Rotaractor for many years.

Guillaume is involved in many projects, both financially and /or through monitoring / consulting to help them succeed in the face of complexity.

To complete his experience, he took microfinance courses, and successfully completed a master's degree in management of innovation and complex projects in 2020.

For several years Guillaume has been involved in microfinance and local economic development in developing countries, by supporting or participating in projects that impact the community and provide solutions to local problems.

Guillaume has developed a pilot project in Uganda since 2020 which will lift around 18,000 people out of poverty over the ten years with the support of local clubs.

Guillaume is also a founding member of Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP France) and is trained in creating positive peace.

Guillaume has been able to visit many countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa and his objective during his mandate as Global Projects Director (GPD) is to visit one district per month starting with Africa and Asia in order to be constantly aware of their needs, projects requested & the real problems faced by Rotarians.

If you would like him to come to your District, send him an email to schedule a visit.

As GPD his goal is to work with Rotarians to train clubs & districts to initiate development projects, and with your help, to create a network of experts available to every Rotarian.

You can contact him at or directly on whatsapp +33611702446

BOURGOGNE, GUILLAUME, Global Programs Director