Public Image Director
Roberto Ribadeneira

I live in Ecuador and I am a former two term president of Club Rotario de Quito Norte. My last term was during the pandemic and that is where most of my work was done. I learned from the growth and gratitude that helping so many people brought. As a new member of RAGCED I am eager to learn and help as much as I can with a unique perspective, on one hand from a different generation and on another that comes from my experience living in a developing country.

I own a few companies in different areas. I am in the import/export business of several products from Ecuador, fresh cut flowers, chocolate, coffee, manufactured food, and handmade products. I own a software company that focuses on inventory management and automatization.

I manage CrediPorvenir a program developed with the Central Bank of Ecuador, that focus on helping woman and children with courses and studies in microfinance. We teach these groups about basic economics, ways to save money and trust the banking system. Along with the work we do together, we have ties with several institutions that provide microcredit/microloans. This helps as we direct people to work with these Cooperativas (regional banks) that provide credits at a more reasonable rate than what they currently pay.

I serve on some boards for non-profits in Ecuador. Among them the Orquesta Joven del Ecuador, which has a great success in being an institution that includes immigrants from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and musicians from Ecuador. All of them brought together by their love of music.

My passion/hobby is making videos. Which is how I am helping RAGCED, my Rotary Club in Ecuador, the District 4400 and other non-profits. I found that with videos we can engage people on different subjects with greater success, as well as telling people’s stories on a more direct way. I have a lot to learn, but as it happens with the things that you love, you are crazy about them and you work as hard as you can.  

Ribadeneira, Roberto, Public Image Director

Quito Ecuador