By Juliana Corredor, Deputy Director Cadre
Community Economic Development – CED - is one of the most critical areas of focus, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, thousands of small entrepreneurial families lost their livelihoods because the global economy, in general, entered into a crisis. Following the pandemic, larger businesses managed to survive, but the smallest ones simply disappeared.
The absence of an income source that allows a basic quality of life for families marks the beginning of poverty. The CED projects, financed by our Rotary Foundation, provide new opportunities for recovery and income generation through self-employment, entrepreneurship, training, and leverage.
Our Rotary Foundation offers clubs and districts invaluable tools such as the Cadre Advisers Committee, Rotary Action groups, and District resource networks. Additionally, there is counterpart economic support aligned with the source of the project funds.
Unfortunately, the quantity of implemented projects is insufficient, particularly in the Latin America region. Between 2019 and 2023, in Latin America - Zones 25A and 23B - 759 GG projects were implemented, of which only 60 focused on CED, representing just 8% of the resources from TRF directed towards combating poverty. This issue, often referred to as "the other pandemic" in the region, is the root cause of numerous social problems, including gender violence, malnutrition, inequality, and diseases.
The more common CED projects in Latin America revolve around vocational training and micro-finances.
Image Source: TRF. Basic Analysis by Amalia Calderón, Subregional Organizer CADRE Zone 23B, and Juliana Corredor González, Adviser CADRE Latam.
Considering the preceding indicators, as members of RAGCED and CADRE, it is our responsibility to promote, encourage, and accompany clubs and districts in carrying out projects focused on reducing poverty in our countries through Community and Economic Development projects – the areas of expertise for RAGCED.
Our Rotary Foundation equips us with the tools and resources to improve the conditions of life for the most vulnerable people. Our role as Rotarians is to listen to our communities, empower them, involve them, and support them in becoming agents of their development.
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