Welcome to the December 2023 edition! This month, our spotlight falls on two transformative Global Grants: GG 2015466 – CED for Jundiaí's Poor Community Project Report and GG 2096194 - Ntenjeru Women's Empowerment Project Report. PDG Nick unfolds the nuances of microfinance, showcasing how RAGCED steers change. Mark your calendars for upcoming 2024 project fairs: Uniendo America (Jan 25-27, 2024) and Colombia 9th Project Fair (Feb 01-03, 2024). Join us in anticipation of the possibilities ahead.

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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As part of our media campaign, we would like to share with you many great stories about how people have progressed, how they are growing their businesses and how they are improving their lives with Microloans and Microcredits.

This is part of how we share great news and you may end up being part of this new wave of empowerment. 

If you are a woman you know how tough it is to raise a family, work and fight for a better future. At RAGCED we know of hundreds who have done just that, and now they are their bosses, with their own business and a bright future for them and their families. 

Your story could inspire others on this path of progress.