Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development – Reviewing Program and Projects 2022-23

Serving as president of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development –RAGCED, I had the opportunity to engage with Rotarians throughout the world and that interaction made me more aware of the importance of information sharing. Last year, RAGCED expanded communication and information sharing, connecting Rotarians undertaking sustainable community economic development projects by utilizing the following strategies:
RAGCED Educational Webinars On August 24, 2022, we launched our first webinar, hosted by the Rotary Club of de Brasilia International, on the topic – Of Building Local Economies. Subsequent webinars were held on the fourth Wednesday at 5 PM GST to provide education and share information, enabling Rotarians the opportunity to establish contacts and network. Panelists were invited to share their expertise in planning, funding, and implementing sustainable economic development projects. The webinar series is on our website for
your review.
RAGCED Informational Webinars with Districts and Clubs RAGCED Board Members conducted informational and program-specific webinars on economic development topics for Rotary Districts in the United States, Canada, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines. Additionally, Board Members provided technical assistance and shared best practices with Rotary Clubs when requested.
RAGCED Regional Chapters were established in Districts 3830 and 3190. There were two Regional Chapters chartered during the year in India, District 3190, and the Philippines, District 3830. Regional Chapters play an important role in extending RAGCED support and engaging Rotarians in Projects that impact their community economies. The Regional Chapter is charged with building a strong team of members in the region to support regional or local projects based on the experience of the team members and needs within the region. Consider starting a Chapter in your District visit our website for more information. Launched the New Website:
When you visit our website, you will discover that the Member Dashboard facilitates access to useful information, including links to RAGCED Facebook, Newsletters, webinars, and other economic development resources. The Member Directory is designed to enable you to communicate with Board and Committee Members. Sponsorship opportunities are available for those who want to advertise and share their expertise with Rotarians and others involved in economic development projects. 
RAGCED at the Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia. The RI Convention was an opportunity to share information and network. RAGCED Board and Committee Members conducted a Break-Out Session Rebuilding Local Economies. In the House of Friendship, we had a Booth attended by RAGCED Members with considerable expertise and experience where economic development projects were displayed. This year, for the first time we hosted a Project Fair where Rotarians discussed their projects, networked, and exchanged ideas.
Become a Member of RAGCED The Board and Members of RAGCED are a source of experience, knowledge, and expertise. Our website will provide information that you will find useful. Consider becoming a member-visit
Margaret Thorpe Williamson
Immediate Past President RAGCED 2021-2023