Empowering Change: The Significance of RAGCED Chapters in Community Economic Development


Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) stands as a beacon of knowledge and expertise, guiding Rotarians in the planning, implementation, and management of impactful and sustainable economic development projects. At the heart of this endeavor are the RAGCED Chapters, dynamic entities that play a crucial role in extending support and engaging Rotarians in projects that transform the economic landscape of poor and underserved communities.


The Governance Framework: Semi-Autonomy with Accountability

Governed by a board of directors, RAGCED ensures the coordination of its Chapters. Each Chapter operates semi-autonomously, is accountable to the RAGCED Board, and is compliant with Rotary International’s mandate for Rotary Action Groups. The launch of Chapters was facilitated by the creation of a comprehensive Chapters Policy in early 2022, outlining crucial aspects such as purpose, goals, membership, meetings, budget, communications, and responsibilities. A Chapter Agreement, undersigned by the RAGCED President and Chapter Chair, solidifies the mission.

Purposeful Pursuits of RAGCED Chapters

The primary aim of RAGCED Chapters is to assemble a robust team of members dedicated to supporting Community Economic Development (CED) projects. Specific goals include attracting and retaining RAGCED members, coordinating local projects, raising awareness of CED within the Rotary family, integrating CED into all Chapter Rotary projects, promoting the benefits of RAGCED membership, initiating and growing RAGCED projects, communicating outcomes, and fostering fellowship among Chapter members.

Inclusivity in Action: Chapter Membership and Affiliation

Eligibility to join RAGCED extends to Chapter membership for those living within its geographic boundaries. Members of Rotary residing outside Chapter boundaries but working in the area can become Chapter Affiliates, enjoying rights and responsibilities akin to RAGCED members but without eligibility for Chair or Vice-Chair positions.

Chapter Structure and Alignment

A RAGCED Chapter aligns with a Rotary District, a group of Districts, or a Rotary Zone. Establishing its organizational structure with a Chair and Vice-Chair, additional officers or board members may be appointed. The Chair, in collaboration with the Vice-Chair, takes on responsibilities such as encouraging participation, organizing meetings, supporting CED projects, promoting RAGCED, and identifying partnership opportunities.

Growing Network: Expansion and Elections

RAGCED’s initial Chapters in the Philippines (August 2022) and India (December 2022) mark the beginning of a transformative journey. As the network expands, the organization is exploring Chapters based on specific CED aspects, such as Business Accelerators, Microfinance, Micro-Savings, Scholarships, or Vocational Training Teams. Those interested are encouraged to reach out.

The Future Beckons: Join the Movement

RAGCED Chapters represent a dynamic force driving positive change in communities worldwide. As we witness the birth of new Chapters and explore specialized focuses, the call to action resonates—join the movement, contribute to meaningful change, and be a part of the impactful legacy of RAGCED in Community Economic Development. Together, let's empower change, one Chapter at a time.

PDG Jim Louttit,
RAGCED Chapter Chair and Treasurer