RAGCED Partnership Committee Fosters  Meaningful Collaborations in the Last 6 Months

By Biswajit Ghosh
In the dynamic landscape of community development, the Partnership Committee of RAGCED has been working actively across geographies & has been actively building impactful partnerships over the last six months focused on the pursuit of sustainable community solutions worldwide. Sharing the highlights of the journey:
1. Inter-Rotary Action Groups Synergy:

 In a concerted effort to address multifaceted challenges, RAGCED has forged alliances with other Rotary Action Groups, starting with, the Rotary Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) and the Rotary Action Group for Menstrual Hygiene Management (RAGMHM). Collaborating with RAGFP has enabled a holistic approach, integrating economic development initiatives with peacebuilding efforts. Simultaneously, partnering with RAGMHM underscores the organization's commitment to addressing menstrual hygiene challenges, and recognizing the intersectionality of economic development and health.
2. Global Partnerships with International NGOs:

RAGCED has engaged in promising collaboration conversations with internationally renowned non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Yunus Centre Bangladesh (for global youth entrepreneurship education), World Vision USA (for projects in Central America & Africa), Welthungerhilfe Germany (for projects in Africa), and VisionSpring India (for projects in South Asia). 
These dialogues signify a commitment to leveraging global expertise and resources. The collaboration with Yunus Centre Bangladesh (an organisation set up by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus), holds promise of commencing an innovative social entrepreneurship education for Rotaractor Club youth globally. Engagements with World Vision USA, WHH Germany, and VisionSpring South Asia highlight RAGCED's dedication to creating a broad impact, by combining Rotary energies with organizations that bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table.
3. Grassroots Collaborations with Regional NGOs:

RAGCED is on the verge of completing collaborations with regional and state-level NGOs, exemplifying its commitment to ground-up impact. Partnerships with organizations like Ă€avni & People's Trust in Karnataka, Vivekananda Institute of Biotechnology in West Bengal, and Career Society in Madhya Pradesh in India, showcase a localized approach too. 

These collaborations are poised to address specific economic challenges in these regions, emphasizing the importance of understanding and working within the unique context of each community and locality.
4. Empowering IT Professionals for Social Impact:

Recognizing the transformative potential of technology, RAGCED is actively supporting a new fellowship of Rotary IT Professionals. This fellowship aims to harness the power of Rotary technology professionals to create innovative & scalable solutions for pressing social sector challenges. 
Looking ahead, RAGCED is optimistic about the above partnerships & collaborations to be implemented on the ground in the next six months, as well as forging new partnerships for the future. The plan is to showcase some of these collaborative efforts at the forthcoming Rotary International Conference on May 24 in Singapore.
These initiatives reflect a commitment to a unified global effort, and RAGCED is keen to make a sustainable impact on the communities it serves, driving positive change and development.