By Biswajit Ghosh, Chair - Partnership Committee
In the ever-evolving landscape of community economic development, the role of meaningful partnerships cannot be overstated. Recognizing this essential ingredient for transformative change, the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) has taken a visionary step with the establishment of its Partnership Committee.
The Partnership Committee 2023-24 is as follows:
Biswajit Ghosh - Chair - Partnership Committee
Carl Treleaven 
Rakesh Babuji
Nathan Frankle
Margaret Williamson
Jim Louttit 
Guillaume Bourgogne
Khalid Hasan
Kudzai Nyengerai
Mike Parry
Fabio Carballo
Roberto Ribadeneira 
Am Geofrey 
A Beacon of Collaboration

At its core, the Partnership Committee of RAGCED embodies the spirit of collaboration. Acting as a bridge, it connects RAGCED's objectives with like-minded entities. For instance, its collaboration with World Vision focuses on community-based projects, tapping into the grassroots networks that World Vision brings. Meanwhile, the partnership with Street Business School has been instrumental in empowering individuals with entrepreneurial skills, allowing them to uplift themselves and their communities.

Why Partnerships Matter

In the realm of community economic development, challenges are multifaceted. The Partnership Committee ensures that RAGCED's initiatives are holistic by leveraging the expertise of diverse stakeholders. The upcoming collaborations are perfect examples, indicating RAGCED's commitment to diverse areas— from financial literacy programs to sustainable agricultural practices.
Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception, the Partnership Committee has inked numerous meaningful collaborations, both external and internal. Collaboration has been formally agreed upon with World Vision and Street Business School, as well as inter-RAG collaborations with RAGFP (Rotary Action Group for Peace) formally signed off, and in the pipeline is the one with RAG4BP (Rotary Action Group for Blindness Prevention). 
The Road Ahead
With an emphasis on strategic partnerships, RAGCED's Partnership Committee aims to significantly amplify its impact. The Committee will be scouting for collaborations, and fostering relationships, in alignment with RAGCED's core values and objectives. We request all members to bring forth worthwhile collaborations across the world for consideration, and further the cause of Rotary and RAGCED across the world.
Get in Touch! For partnership inquiries, please reach out to us at

Join us in celebrating this spirit of collaboration and be a part of RAGCED's mission to drive transformative change in communities worldwide.

In Conclusion

The Partnership Committee of RAGCED signifies the belief that "together, we can achieve more." With its dynamic collaborations, both existing and upcoming, the department exemplifies the transformative power of collective effort.

Join us in celebrating this spirit of collaboration and be a part of RAGCED's mission to drive transformative change in communities worldwide.