Explore the transformative potential of Community Economic Development (CED) in creating a more equitable and inclusive world. Discover how Rotary clubs and the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) collaborate to uplift underserved communities through sustainable economic opportunities. Learn how RAGCED can be your invaluable partner in realizing projects that eliminate poverty and foster lasting change.
The Community Economic Development vision statement reminds us that together, we seek a more equitable and inclusive world, using sustainable economic opportunities to change the lives of youth, women, refugees, Indigenous, and other underserved communities around the globe.  You and your club, as members of a global, community-based organization, are in a unique position to support investments in people and communities that alleviate poverty and create measurable and enduring economic improvements in poor and underserved areas.  The Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) is your partner as you plan and implement projects that eliminate poverty by investing in communities. RAGCED  can provide you with resources, project materials, and advisors to help with every aspect of your project.  Whether your need is community assessment,  partnerships, education and mentoring, capital, measurement, and evaluation, or how to turn your community economic development idea into a sustainable global grant project, RAGCED can help.  RAGCED can introduce you to completed Rotary projects that have successfully broken the cycle of poverty in extremely impoverished communities and could serve as a model for your project.
If you are considering a community economic development project, RAGCED can help.  The RAGCED Operations Committee is your gateway to RAGCED resources. Email us at operations@ragced.org and put us to work helping you change lives. If you have participated in an impactful community economic project and would like help, join our team and help other Rotarians create hope in the world.