Mayan Women's Prosperity Initiative

Mayan Women’s Prosperity Initiative - Grassroots Finance Action

The “Mayan Women’s Prosperity Initiative” is underway. The host club is Club Rotario Guatemala de la Ermita and the lead international club is City of Lakes Rotary Club with a substantial contribution from Minnesota Rotary Club #9 and the Global Grants office in Evanston. The outcome? Through their groups these women can better meet their daily and business needs as they become a powerful force for change in their impoverished villages.

Over the next 15 months the ten “Community Champions” funded through the Rotary global grant will train fifty Savings Groups totalling 800 women members. “This is the opportunity we have been waiting for,” the newly hired Champions told us. For the first time they will have the time and resources to share what they learned from leading their own groups as they train new ones. An additional $20,000 in Rotary funding could double the number of Champions and Savings Groups.

By taking advantage of leaders training groups instead of staff, this pilot project represents a groundbreaking innovation for the 20 million member savings group movement. What Rotarians learn in Guatemala could be replicated in scores of countries.  

The Champions will be supervised by IEPADES (Teaching Institute for Sustainable Development), a local NGO whose staff has trained over six hundred Savings Groups in the Guatemalan Highlands. Assuming the Initiative achieves what we hope, we designed a second phase were 200 Champions will train over a thousand new groups with 20,000 Mayan women members with IEPADES, once again, taking the lead.  

For more information & possible donations, Jeff & Rob are available for zoom presentations based on the following document.

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