Conferences & Volunteers Director
Mary Coward

Mary Coward has been a Rotarian in District 5020 for over five years. She has been active in World Community Service and attended four Uniendo America Project Fairs in Central America. Mary spearheaded four Matching Grant projects three of them for microcredit projects in Costa Rica and Guatemala. Mary also led a team that organized microcredit conferences in 2008 and 2011 in Victoria, British Columbia. RAGM had a strong presence at both conferences, which were successful in building a network of microcredit practitioners and supporters in the area. Mary is retired. Her professional life was primarily with provincial governments in Western Canada, in economic development and energy. Mary also has international training and consulting experience in oil and gas regulation and the environment. She has a B.A. in Geography from University of Toronto and an MBA from University of Alberta.

Coward, Mary, Conferences & Volunteers Director

526 Selkirk Ave
Victoria British Columbia Canada
Tel. 250-383-8181