The Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) is organized as a social welfare organization under the laws of the State of Illinois, USA. At the same time, we have a charitable affiliate – The Economic Development and Empowerment Foundation – organized as a 501c3 charity in the State of Florida, USA. If you are interested in learning more about our Foundation, please click here. 


The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International does amazing work around the world, helping Rotarians and Rotaractors advance the Object of Rotary, so why then does RAGCED have its own foundation?   It is simply because the Rotary Foundation cannot do everything.  RAGCED's Economic Development and Empowerment Foundation complements the work of the Rotary Foundation, particularly in the area of Economic and Community Development, in particular:

             Projects that do not fit within the District and Global Grant models of the Rotary Foundation

             Projects involving construction

Donations to the Foundation are generally tax-deductible to USA based taxpayers, however, please consult your own tax advisor as neither RAGCED nor the Economic Development and Empowerment Foundation provides tax advice.