Launched on the 20 December 2022

Which actually means: Route to the South. Which we redefine as: The route to South Asia

Introduction to Rotary Action Groups

                                                      Chapter Theme                                

"Creating opportunities by investing in communities".

"RAGCED opens opportunities for Rotarians to manage impactful sustainable economic development projects and create lasting changes in poor and underserved communities".  


  • Consultation - Create a pool of experts across the span of our region, in our case South Asia, as a support group in different fields to monitor, direct and provide solutions to the working entity.
  • Assessments & Analysis - Conduct assessments to determine the need, feasibility of proposed projects, the practicality of methods, and determine the Estimated Risk and Success.
  • Partnering - Work as catalysts in empowering task commitments and success assurance building value-added partnerships.
  • Community Outreach - Develop a program to inspire the community through stories.
  • Training & Education - Vocational training based on Assessment & Analysis conducted.
  • Knowledge Management - Develop the already existent Rotary knowledge repository with all success and failure factors, learnings for future reference, analysis, and reports.
  • Funding - Connect funding sources to projects and programs. Fundraising, Government schemes, and Rotary aid.
  • Best practices - Conduct International and national conferences and bring work groups together to discuss and share best practices and facilitate and regulate business relationships.
  • Evaluation - Metricize success criteria & factors, define short-term and long terms goals, evaluate and measure progress.


  • Vocational training
  • Funding by speaking to banks and other institutions that can help with special provisions and considerations,
  • Experts for the know-how & research translations specific to products,
  • Legal & regulatory compliance,
  • Financial management,
  • Raw material sourcing, etc...
  • Technology
  • Human resources
  • Tools & methods
  • Real-time Information, and Analysis & Advisory (market & environment)
  • Quality development, etc
  • Connections,
  • Information and Strategy,
  • Logistics, etc.
Bi-annual International/ National conference- for the exchange of ideas & market reach (Hybrid conference with translators in every booth - volunteer operated)

Our Project

Nine women micro enterprises named as GramaLakshmi (Meaning Wealth Creation in the Community): each having about 8-15 members from rural/ semi urban communities have been planned with a specific product manufacturing activities. The project will help these microenterprises for product identification, training, setting up the manufacturing units and marketing of the products. The direct beneficiaries are women members of microenterprises & their families and indirect beneficiaries are the community they live in.

Our focus has been in developing opportunities for productive work and improving access to sustainable livelihoods; Empowering marginalized communities by providing access to economic opportunities and services; Building the capacity of entrepreneurs, social businesses, and locally supported business innovators.
Women contribute just 24% of the workforce in India against world average of 40%. During our interaction with Rotary Clubs & community members, we understood large number of skilled & aspiring women of community, who wants to set up small scale manufacturing units for manufacturing value added products largely for urban market. Specifically, we identified skilled/semi-skilled women in nine different communities, who needed infrastructure, equipment, training, seed fund for initiating production of materials and marketing support for establishing seven microenterprises in the areas of textile accessories, solar appliances, oyster mushroom and terracotta jewelry. 

Our next steps have been the need analysis meeting with the Startup & Entrepreneurship Committee along with several rotary clubs in reference to the focus area of Community Economic Development. In turn, clubs had an interaction with their community members and came back with their choice of microenterprise, identification & selection of team members for respective microenterprises. We did an informal market survey to confirm the market need for the chosen products and selected seven microenterprises projects spread across the districts in rural/ semi-urban areas.
Our Current Projects
Recyclable Sanitary Cloth Pads
Terracotta Jewelry
Textile accessories
Oyster Mushroom Cultivation
Solar Lantern Assembly 
Processed Food Ingredients



BASIS is where Social Innovators meet Social Investors. Find the right Investing Buddy and become a Social Impactor. Use the below fields of focus and enhance your innovations:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Mother and Child
  • Food & Water
  • Environment


Get Bolder and Wilder with your creative self, and pump more fuel into that burning imagination that so longs to eliminate global issues. Come out in the open and let us know.

If it's viable? If it's good enough? & If it's a social innovation? 

We'll give you wings to fly, we'll fuel your rocket, and buckle up for the mission.


What to expect, if selected?

  • Funding 
  • Mentoring 
  • Marketing
  • Technology 
  • Business support
  • Get the launchpad to go Global.

All are part of the Incubator package.


  1. Contact us, we will guide you.
  2. Register on our website.
  3. If your idea/proposal qualifies.
  4. You'll be given an opportunity to present your idea during the event to exhibit prototypes in front of Investors and Industry experts.

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