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December 2023 Issue

RAGCED Chronicle: December Delights and Year-End Highlights

Welcome to the December 2023 edition! This month, our spotlight falls on two transformative Global Grants: GG 2015466 – CED for Jundiaí's Poor Community Project Report and GG 2096194 - Ntenjeru Women's Empowerment Project Report. PDG Nick Frankle unfolds the intricacies of microfinance, showcasing how RAGCED steers change. Mark your calendars for upcoming 2024 project fairs: Uniendo America (Jan 25-27, 2024) and Colombia 9th Project Fair (Feb 01-03, 2024). Join us in anticipation of the possibilities ahead.

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November 2023 Issue

Empowering Change: Unveiling the Impact of Rotary Foundation

November is the month when Rotarians worldwide come together to celebrate the remarkable people and impactful work of the Rotary Foundation (TRF). President Carl Treleaven, in his insightful message, highlights the significance of supporting TRF and provides five compelling reasons to rally behind this cause.

The May news is a combination of information leading up to the Rotary International Convention in Houston and the evolution of community economic development. ECD is in the news because of damning reports about microcredit over-supplying borrowers and showing little overall boost in rising the poorest from poverty.
RAGCED has the resources and the training available to help people lift themselves out of poverty. As Rotarians and their partners step forward in Service Above Self these resources will assist anyone looking for a project or a partner
RAGCED does indeed have a fine invertory of materials but Rotarians in all walks of life have gone on to add websites and selected supporting articles on the topic of Community Economic Development. Here for websites and selected supporting articles on the topic of Community Economic Development. Here for example you see the website of Gros Islet and next the My Rotary website list of projects and resources. We are in fine company indeed.
Everyone is talking about the 2021 Virtual Rotary Convention. President Nick goes beyond the hope you will attend the convention and offers a personal invite: "I want to invite you to the breakout session entitled “Sowing Seeds for Sustainable Development”.
In this newsletter, in addition to President Margaret's classic invitation for each of us to be the best Rotarian possible in the New Year, there are a variety of projects showcased in several countries. Before that, however, there was a handy video invitation tool from the creative studios of RAGCED, Past Communications Director, Roberto Ribadeneira.
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Wow, who knew a short while ago that we would be in the midst of a global pandemic? RAGM Pres. Nick offers encouraging personal comments and offers information from Rotary International about the newly increased Disaster Relief Grant program.
The ongoing change to the new normal is tolerable by many but for the hurricane stricken Hondurans it is almost unbearable. Pres. Nick has worked hard to connect donors with Rotary contacts helping in essential relief measures. 
This Newsletter contains articles about successful Community and Economic projects in Canada, USA and elsewhere. > In Honduras - dramatic evidence shows that sustained economic development is not possible without improved employment opportunities for women. Officials from TRF share their experiences in the field.
This end-of-year newsletter contains articles of interest to Rotarians involved in several facets of economic development including the interesting connection with the Rotary World Peace Conference. President Nick Frankle offers his best wishes to our members and newsletter subscribers. We continue to strive for value for our supporters.
The United Nations has set an ambitious goal of ending extreme poverty and achieving zero hunger by the year 2030. In this month's newsletter articles examine "what's wrong" and "what's right" with international Aid.