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We work with many organizations and are engaged in helping people in need to get a better future, but one that is sustainable. Along the way, we are creating content that can provide you with valuable information as well. 

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RAGCED Webinar Series

How to Foster Mental Well-being: Insights from RAGCED Global's Enlightening Webinar


The All RAGs Webinar Series 3 -

Focused on Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development.



RAGCED Global October 2023 Webinar


RAGCED Global September 2023 Webinar


We provide training and access to well-paying jobs and financial management institutions.


Who are we?

Spanish Version of what RAGCED is.

Our Past President

Margaret Williamson Bio

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West Africa Project Fair Nov 02 - 04, 2023


The All RAGs Webinar Series 2: RAG4BP


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As part of our media campaign, we would like to share with you many great stories about how people have progressed, how they are growing their businesses, and how they are improving their lives with Microloans and Microcredits.

This is part of how we share great news and you may end up being part of this new wave of empowerment. 

If you are a woman you know how tough it is to raise a family, work, and fight for a better future. At RAGCED we know of hundreds who have done just that, and now they are their own bosses, with their own business and a bright future for them and their families.