Little did we know that the influence of this project would extend beyond just 50 women when the RC Bamako Ouest began a women empowerment project by having 50 women produce washing soap
They have learned how to purchase the ingredients for soapmaking, combine them, and manufacture soap using the tools that were given to them. After production, they pack and label the soap and distribute it for sale to supermarkets, stores, and a variety of street vendors who sell the soap and rely on its sales for a living.

Polio survivors who were trained to package and condition food produced primarily from cereals worked alongside these women. They were highly intrigued by the results of their training after they had mastered it, they were incredibly captivated by the outcomes of their training. They have built a decent existence with the help of their products and helped society as a whole. 

It should be noted that these polio survivors occasionally contacted Rotary clubs for assistance.
They also displayed their goods at the national food exhibition!