With an extreme level of economic disparity, the odds are stacked against the youth of Colombia. 41.5% of the male youth, and 45.7% of female youth live below the poverty line. And before the pandemic a staggering 61.2% of rural youth were living in poverty. At first glance these numbers may seem discouraging, but for Investing Hope Foundation they also represent a significant opportunity. IHF sees the potential that these youth possess and seeks to unlock it by providing entrepreneurship and savings education that will have a lifelong impact. The organization has seen first hand how with the right education and resources the youth are able to overcome economic and social challenges to not only meet their basic needs, but even save for their future.

HECD – Honduras Economic & Community Development – was birthed in 2012. It is a multi-faceted, multi-staged vision, founded on the principles of microfinance and sustainable development.

HECD - Honduras Map.jpg
Goal: for HECD to have 10 Phases and raise $1M for holistic microfinance / community economic development in Honduras.

Nearly 800 million people live on less than $1.90 a day. Rotary members are passionate about providing sustainable solutions to poverty.
Our members and our foundation work to strengthen local entrepreneurs and community leaders, particularly women, in impoverished communities.


The mission of the Rotary Action Group for Community Economic Development (RAGCED) is to be a source of knowledge and expertise that helps Rotarians plan, implement, and manage impactful and sustainable economic development projects and create lasting change in poor and underserved communities